What Massey is doing to get prepared for an emergency

This page outlines the key initiatives that Massey is working on to prepare itself to respond effectively to emergency events.

Start of semester emergency information

Start of semester emergency information is available for each campus.

Massey Preparedness

Massey University has a range of resources to help reduce emergency risks and better prepare the University to respond to and recover from emergency events. A brief summary of some of these is provided below:

Emergency backpacks for staff

All permanent and fixed term staff are issued an emergency backpack.  These bright orange backpacks contain emergency information as well as some emergency items. Staff are encouraged to add their own emergency items to the backpack for their personal use at work and to use the information provided in the backpacks to develop emergency plans at home.

More information on emergency backpacks is available, including  how to stock your emergency backpack

The distribution of emergency backpacks to staff was informed by a survey of staff members' perceptions of their own emergency preparedness.

Emergency Equipment

To find where emergency equipment, including defibrillators are located for your campus, and to keep track of emergency numbers, there is a Massey Uni  app that we recommend you download to your phone.

Each campus has Civil Defence supplies located according the nature of risk on each campus.  The locations are as follows:

Albany – In Atrium Security Office

Manawatu – With Facilities Management

Wellington – Civil Defence Cabinet Location

Development of emergency response plans and procedures

Massey University has developed a Campus Emergency Management Plan which cover all Massey’s three main campuses. Having one plan that is consistent across the three campuses means that in a large-scale emergency, trained staff can move from one campus to another to support the response and recovery operations.

In addition to the Campus Emergency Response Plan, each campus is developing a series of campus-specific procedures which will be appended to their copies of the plan.

Establishment and fit-out of Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs)

Each Campus has identified two locations for it to manage its emergency operations from – a primary location and an alternate location. These are known as Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs)and provide a link between campus operations and external emergency service agencies.

Seismic Restraining

Massey University has undertaken a programme of work to ensure all equipment, furniture and plant on campuses situated in Earthquake prone areas are appropriately seismically restrained.

The University has completed a process where all Massey University buildings have been assessed in terms of their structural strength. Where the assessment showed that a building's strength is less than 33% of the current code requirements (called "Earthquake Prone") the buildings have been upgraded to at least 67% of the current structural design code in order to protect the safety of the occupants. The Refectory building at Manawatu is awaiting upgrade. 

Providing training and professional development to staff with emergency management responsibilities

Each campus has a team of staff, known as the Campus Emergency Management Team, who are trained in emergency response management. These staff members take part in formal training and professional development activities including emergency exercises and drills.

Planning for business continuance during a major disruption

The Risk Management Office is leading a programme of work which seeks to support departments within the University to develop departmental business continuity plans. These plans outline how the department will continue to offer its services after a significant disruption, such as an emergency.

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