Samples are to be delivered to the MGS via courier at the clients own expense. Within New Zealand samples are to be delivered by domestic overnight courier service for express next day delivery, and international deliveries are via international courier services arranged by the client. Samples are to be delivered on dry ice in liquid form for RNA samples or on ice packs in liquid form for DNA samples. If international deliveries are made on dry ice then it is a requirement that the dry ice is replenished during shipment to prevent thawing of samples.

Samples MUST be delivered to the following address for Illumina MiSeq™ sequencing:

Massey Genome Service

Institute of Fundamental Science
Inward Goods
Science Tower A, Level 1
Columbo Road, Massey University
Palmerston North 4410
New Zealand

Attention: Richard Fong

Samples may be hand delivered to the service if you are situated locally and are able to do so.

Samples being delivered via courier MUST be put into either 0.5mL or 1.5mL screw cap or flip lid microtubes, wrapped with parafilm. Label the tube(s) with the client party contact, NZGL contract number, sample name, total amount of sample (µg) delivered and volume (µl). Sample tubes MUST be put into a 50mL falcon tube(s) and packed with clean tissue for safe delivery to prevent/minimize possible breakages. Seal the 50mL falcon tube(s) with parafilm.

For samples over 24, please supply the samples in a 96 well semi-skirted plate. Please seal the PCR plate properly by pressing the plastic cover around edges and each well of the plate to avoid any sample leaking and potential contamination during shipping.

 Please put the samples in columns of 12, as follows:

  • A01 – A12
  • B01 – B12
  • C01 – C12
  • D01 – D12
  • E01 – E12
  • F01 – F12
  • G01 – G12
  • H01 – H12

 On the sample submission form, which is supplied on after contracting, please enter the samples into the form as per the order above.

 International Deliveries

Below are instructions regarding the importation of purified DNA or RNA into New Zealand.

Purified DNA or RNA is not a restricted item, no permit required. However for customs clearance, please attach the declaration letter below to the outside of the package and also include a copy inside the package. Please include the date the package was sent, your name and signature on the declaration letter (red type).

Please address the parcel as stated on the letter, for the samples will be delivered to Massey University IFS Inwards Goods.

You will need to cover the freight costs.

When the parcel has been sent, please e-mail Richard Fong, saying that you are sending a parcel to the service.

Please include in the e-mail:

  • Your username
  • Your request ID number
  • Your institute name, address and contact numbers
  • The courier company you are using 

Declaration letter for Massey University DNA clearance (3).doc (86 KB)

Refer to the section Sample Preparation & Quality Requirements for the total amount and concentration of sample to supply.


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