Academic Standing FAQs

When will my Academic Standing be available and how can I view it?

The Academic Standing process is run at the end of each semester and Summer School. Your grades are used to calculate your provisional University Academic Standing, and to identify whether provisional Qualification and Course Academic Standings are required. Results for Double Semester courses are included at the end of Semester Two.

Standings are confirmed approximately one week after you have been notified of your provisional standing.

When you have new or updated standings, you will receive a message on your student homepage. Be sure to review your new standings promptly. To view your standing log in to your student homepage, click the Results and exams tab and then click Academic Standing. If you don’t read the message within 24 hours, an email will be sent reminding you to check your messages.

How do I appeal my Academic Standing and is there a time limit?

If you think your Academic Standing is incorrect, log in to your student homepage, click the Results and exams tab, then click Academic Standing to make a "submission" (whilst standings are provisional) or an "appeal" (after standings have been confirmed).

Standings are confirmed approximately one week after you have been notified of your provisional standing.

  • Submissions – apply while your standing is provisional. You have up to five working days to lodge a submission after you receive notification of your provisional Academic Standing. If your submission is successful you can continue studying in the current enrolment period. If you do not make a submission, we assume that you are happy with your standing and it is confirmed.

  • Appeals – apply after your standing has been confirmed irrespective of whether or not you have previously put in a submission. You can only appeal on matters of process (such as an incorrect calculation or a grade change). If you have had enrolment restrictions enforced (even if your appeal is successful) these may not be reversed until the next enrolment period (see Academic Progress Regulations Clause 49).

How is University Academic Standing calculated?

University Academic Standing is calculated at the end of each enrolment period when your full grades are available. Two pieces of information are needed:

  1. Pass calculation = Credits passed ÷ credits attempted
  2. Your existing Academic Standing 

Together these determine your University Academic Standing. For information about the criteria for each standing see University Academic Standing.


  • For a standing of 'Excelling', your grade average over the last 5 years of study at your highest study level (pre-degree, undergraduate/graduate or postgraduate) is considered as well.
  • If you withdraw from a course before 75% of the enrolment period has elapsed, that course will not be included in these calculations.
  • Zero-credit courses are not included for University Academic Standing, but some practicums are included in the criteria for Qualification Academic Standing. Please check the Academic Progress Regulations for your qualification requirements.
  • Results for Double Semester courses are included at the end of Semester Two. 

What if all my grades are not available?

If full grades do not become available within a reasonable length of time, then your University and Qualification Academic Standing will be calculated as though you received a "best possible grade" (A+) for the courses with missing grades. You will be notified of your standing and have the opportunity to make a submission, as usual.

The Course Academic Standing process is run on available grades. Therefore you may receive notification of a Course Exclusion before you have received your University or Qualification Standings.

How does Academic Standing work with qualifications that have specific requirements?

A number of professional qualifications have progression requirements, ie it is necessary to pass particular course(s) or at a particular level in order to be able to progress in that qualification.

Specific progression regulations apply alongside Academic Standing. It is possible to fail to progress within a qualification, but still carry on with enrolment at Massey University.

Information on qualification progression can be found in the Calendar within Qualification Regulations under the relevant college and qualification.

What Academic Standing will I start on?

Your first University Academic Standing will be calculated at the end of your first enrolment period. Depending on your grades you will be assigned one of the following standings: 

  • Excelling: Passed all your courses with a grade average of at least A-.
  • Good: Passed all your courses with a grade average of at least B/B+.
  • Achieved: Passed 100% of your courses.
  • Academic Management: Passed less than 100% of your courses.
  • Academic Risk: Failed all of your courses.

What standing can I expect next enrolment period?

Use the tool below to see what your University Academic Standing means, what the impact is, and what you can expect in the future:

Who gets an Academic Standing?

All students other than PhD and research masters students will be included in the University Academic Standing and Course Academic Standing process. Qualification Academic Standing only applies to specific qualifications. 

Will my Academic Standing impact my funding (including loans and allowances), or visa requirements?

University Academic Standing of Academic Risk or Exclusion (Course, Qualification, Short Term or Long Term) may affect your funding, or your ability to meet your visa requirements.

Continued poor academic performance (failing in one enrolment period, then failing more than 50% of your credits in the next enrolment period) will result in your enrolment being restricted to 30 credits for a semester while your University Standing is Academic Risk.

This enrolment restriction may affect funding from StudyLink, scholarships or other sources. We advise you to contact your funder to discuss your individual funding situation, and seek advice from our Student Information Services. For StudyLink implications, please contact the on-campus StudyLink Liaison staff who can guide you through possible options in regard to student loans and allowances. While the decision will ultimately be with StudyLink, our staff will be able to advise you of enrolment options and any effects this may have on future entitlement.

If you are an international student, a restriction may also impact on your visa requirements and scholarship entitlements. Please contact the International Student Support to discuss the implications for your visa and/or scholarship.

Please note that a University Academic Standing of Academic Risk will apply for a single enrolment period. Your standing in the following enrolment period will be either Academic Management (if one or more courses are passed successfully) or University Exclusion (if all courses are failed).

A course or qualification exclusion may limit your ability to progress with your study as planned, and may therefore also affect your funding. Please seek advice from our course advice team about your options for continuing your study.

A University Exclusion will affect your funding and any visa requirements. It is your responsibility to inform your funder, International Student Support Office or Immigration New Zealand of your situation.

A Short Term University Exclusion lasts for a minimum of 12 months. A Long Term University Exclusion lasts for a minimum of three years, and requires approval for re-entry. On return from exclusion, an Academic Standing of Academic Risk, which restricts enrolment to 30 credits, is allocated for one enrolment period.

I’m changing my qualification. Does that affect my University Academic Standing?

If you are moving between qualifications at the same level (eg Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Business), then you will keep the same University Academic Standing.

If you are moving between levels; from a pre-degree programme (eg Cert Uni Prep) to an undergraduate qualification (eg diploma, bachelor degree), or from an undergraduate or graduate qualification (eg diploma, bachelor degree) to a postgraduate qualification (postgraduate diploma, masters degree), your University Academic Standing will be reset to neutral from the first course you study at the higher level. Once you are studying at a higher level of qualification, your Academic Standing will include all courses, at any level.

How does University Academic Standing work with Double Semester courses?

The results for Double Semester courses are included in Academic Standing calculations at the end of Semester Two.

When credit restrictions for Academic Risk or Academic Management standings are applied, credits in Double Semester courses are halved. Eg a 15 credit double semester course will count as 7.5 credits of the 30 credits allowed while an Academic Risk standing is in place.

Enrolment restrictions at the end of Semester One will also apply to double semester courses. For example, when a University exclusion is confirmed after Semester One, enrolments in all remaining courses, including any Double Semester courses, will be cancelled (without financial penalty or further academic penalty).

Who can I contact for further advice or information?

We have a wide range of resources, support and services that you can access to assist you with your study. If you have any questions about Academic Standing please contact a Student Adviser or Massey Contact.

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