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Occupational safety and health has become an integral part of New Zealand businesses and increasing demands are being placed on OSH practitioners to gain tertiary qualifications. Since the 1980s, Massey University has been teaching occupational safety and health and ergonomics and offers a range of academic programmes exposing participants to a variety of disciplinary approaches. Most of the Centre’s ergonomics programmes were disestablished in 2010 and are no longer offered, but a PhD in ergonomics is available and a 300 level course on ergonomics/human factors is still included as part of the Graduate Diploma in OSH. Massey University continues to be the premier tertiary provider of occupational safety and health related qualifications with the Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health as its flagship programme.

Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health

Massey University’s Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (GDipOSH) has been devised to provide people holding a first degree or other qualifications, including relevant work experience, with advanced knowledge and skills in the multidisciplinary area of occupational safety and health. The programme exposes participants to a variety of disciplinary approaches and has a technical bias (with strengths in OSH management and occupational hygiene) and, as such, differs from other programmes which might approach OSH from a social science or health perspective. In particular, the GDipOSH is a professional qualification designed to provide advanced education in the fields of safety management, occupational health, environmental control, loss control, and occupational hygiene. The programme includes the physical, human and financial aspects of OSH.


In 2010, the GDipOSH was internationally accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health or IOSH (UK) as a qualification that enables Graduate Membership to IOSH, which is the largest OSH practitioner professional association outside the US. Membership leads to registration as an OSH practitioner and Massey University’s GDipOSH is the only NZ tertiary qualification to have achieved this level of accreditation.

We also offer the following programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Ergonomics and Master of Ergonomics Degree

Until 2010 Massey University offered the only postgraduate Diploma in Ergonomics (PGDipErg) and a Master of Ergonomics (MErg) degree in New Zealand. Both programmes were closed to new entrants as a result of the University’s academic reform programme. However, ergonomics plays an important part in the new College of Health’s key platforms of: health protection, health promotion and prevention of ill health. Therefore, the ergonomics programme is currently being revised and it is hoped that it will soon be offered again in the near future. You can view outlines of the PDipErg, the MErg and the content of constituent courses.

Course 128.300: Ergonomics/Human Factors: people, health, performance and design

Currently the only Ergonomics course that is offered at Massey University is 128.300 Ergonomics/Human Factors: people, health performance and design.  It is a core course in the GDipOSH. View an outline of the course.

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